Project-based learning opportunties - the outcomes of the 2007 Innovation in Education Project - contributed to outstanding improvements in student performance on tests.  Students who participated in building this home for Habitat for Humanity had their test scores increase by 100 percent.

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About the Innovation in Education Project

Since its inception during the 2006-07 school year, the Olympic Community of Schools Innovation in Education Project has been an astonishing success. By inviting businesses and the community back into the classroom to help develop project-based learning opportunties, the Olympic Community of Schools has seen a dramatic increase in test scores as more relevant lessons lead to better understanding in students.

But it's so much more than just better test scores.

This innovative way of engaging the community helps to create an environment where students gain 21st Century Skills and Knowledge, and the business community and community at-large gets to contribute to students being better prepared for the real-world they will encounter after high school.

Explore this website to learn about the series of community symposiums at Olympic in 2006-07, how the outcomes of those symposiums became concreate project-based learning opportunities, and how these opportunties have contributed to amazing increases in student performances.

Through this website, you will be able to also watch videos of the 2010 Innovation in Education Summit - a report back to the community, a celebration of success and a challenge to the community to continue to innovate, to challenge the educational status quo, and to provide Olympic students relevant opportunities to bring teaching and learning to life.

While the Innovaiton in Education initiative at the Olympic Community of Schools is groundbreaking, it has also been carefully documented so that it can be replicated at other schools around the world with relative ease.  All it takes is a willingness to innovate, a community that wants to make education relevant for the 21st century, and the natural curiosity found in every student, everywhere, every day.